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21 Spurs Lane, Suite 160
San Antonio, TX 78240
Phone: (210) 474-6766
Email: CHCInfo-SA@cochlear.com

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21 Spurs Lane Suite 160
San Antonio, Texas 78240

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Phone: (210) 474-6766
Fax: (210) 568-6164
Email: CHCInfo-SA@cochlear.com

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Monday - Friday 8am-5pm, Closed 12-1pm

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Meet the team

Linda G. Ludueña, M.A., CCC-A/SLP

Linda G. Ludueña,

Senior Cochlear Clinical Services Audiologist

Linda obtained her communication sciences bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Baylor University and Kent State University, respectively. Audiological certification was completed at the University of Texas at Austin. Linda learned to speak Spanish fluently, first in college and later by living in Colombia, a skill that is very helpful in South Texas. Linda feels fortunate to work with patients with hearing implants. "Many of our patients are quiet and socially withdrawn when we first meet them. When they can hear better they open up and become more involved with their families and friends. It’s the most rewarding part of my job."

Jerome Evans

Jerome Evans

Cochlear Clinical Service Audiologist

Jerome graduated from the Northeast Ohio Audiology Consortium Doctor of Audiology program in 2011. Prior to joining the Cochlear Hearing Center team in 2017, he spent six years with the Ear Medical Group and University Health System in San Antonio. He is a board member at Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children, and a big brother with the Big Brother Big Sister organization.

Jerome grew up with a progressive hearing loss, and in 2011 he became a bilateral cochlear implant recipient. This gives him the unique ability to connect with his patients. “Each day I’m awarded the opportunity to work with recipients to reach a common goal of hearing and communicating with their loved ones,” says Dr. Evans.