We offer a wide variety of services to support implantable hearing solutions. Our audiologists provide the care to meet each patient’s audiological needs.

Candidacy Evalutations

Candidacy Evaluations

A series of hearing tests (with and without hearing aids) to etermine level of hearing and ability to understand speech, which ultimately determines if a patient is a candidate for an implantable solution.

Candidacy Evalutations

Initial Activation

Activation of a device, including programming and testing. This is when a system is first “turned on” allowing the patient to hear.

Candidacy Evalutations

Interim Programming

After Initial Activation, patients receive fine-tuning of their devices to match their hearing levels, as needed. Also allows for updates to firmware – the software that runs their physical sound processor.

Candidacy Evalutations


Continued support to determine what equipment needs to be replaced or when programming should be reevaluated.

Candidacy Evalutations


Transitioning to a new device when external sound processors are upgraded to new technology.

Candidacy Evalutations

Equipment orientation

Education about each accessory, including how they work and when to use them to maximize the hearing experience.